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Gather glimmers to light up the future
About us
Chengdu Image Design Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shanghai Integrated Circuit Research and Development Center (ICRD). Chengdu Microlight focuses on the field of CMOS image sensors.
The main products are used in security monitoring, vehicle, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent transportation, intelligent logistics, robots, AR/VR, semiconductor equipment and other fields.
Company positioning: to provide high-quality sensor chips for the image big data era, to provide high-quality image sensors for the big data era, and to provide artificial intelligence with a "core eye" to perceive the world.

Corporate Vision

Perceive the image world and create intelligent life;
Become a world-class supplier of image sensing and visual processing solutions!

Management idea

IDM mode
Image is king, win-win cooperation

Business strategy

Market oriented, R&D driven
Advanced technology, internal control first

Our team
Our survival is to firmly create living space in the harsh environment; Our team is to organize a strong team among opponents full of strife;
Our wisdom is to constantly compete and surpass among the strong!
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9-10F, Unit 2, Building B6, No. 171, Hele Second Street, High tech Zone, Chengdu

301, Floor 3, Sanda Science and Technology Building, No. 1, Keji Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen